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Hamilton Elementary partners with CPS approved vendors for after school, co-curricular programming. 

After School Programs

Upon dismissal at the end of the school day students will be escorted to the cafeteria to meet their After School Program instructors and coaches. Students will enjoy a snack before they are picked up by their instructor. 

At 4pm students will be dismissed at Door 1 and will be released to parents. If your child is allowed to walk home please email Ms. Denise with a note of consent.

Rock Band

For 3rd Graders & Up

Rock Band program begins in 3rd grade.  Your child can expect to be part of their first band with their choice of keyboard, guitar, bass, or drums.  Vocalists that join the band will be asked to learn an instrument, too!


Our teachers ensure that all students are able to play as a band from the very beginning with activities that focus on feeling and hearing the beat, showmanship and stage presence, listening to a recording and identifying their own part, playing basic chord progressions and riffs, and even naming their own band! By the end of the first year in a rock band, you can expect your child will own the stage and have at least 6 rock songs in their repertoire!


Learn more about our Rock Curriculum (click here). 

Music House - Rock Band $160 Monthly Tuition

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 3-4pm

    • Start Date: January 24th, 2023

    • End Date: June 7th, 2023


For Kindergarten-4th Graders

iSTEAM is a fun hands-on after school program that brings Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics education to elementary-age students. 

We offer learning through hands-on, project-based activities that allow students to solve real-world problems through out-of-the-box thinking and develop the skills that are necessary to excel in the technologically-advanced world.

During the STE(A)M Space Explorers session, our young astronauts will launch a rocket into space, learn about moon phases, make models of planets, constellations, solar eclipses, moon craters, and more!


We will learn about kinetic energy, gravity, force, trajectory, acceleration, velocity, hemispheres, force, shock, absorption, orbits and so much more. We will discover how these forces shape the world around us!

Hamilton iSteam $250

  • Mondays 3-4pm

    • Start Date: January 23, 2023​

    • End Date: March 27, 2023

Broadway Basics

For 1st-4th Graders

American Eagle Productions has blazed the trail for youth and educational theatre in the Chicagoland area, bringing the performing arts to over 300 schools and groups a year for the past 28 years. 

Our programming builds confidence, fosters empathy, and encourages collaboration as well as provides a safe space for children to express themselves.

Discover all the “Ways to Be Wicked” in this class that explores the music and themes from Disney’s popular Descendants trilogy! Through drama games, improv, music, and movement, students will learn about the theatre, create cohesive scripts, develop their own villainous characters, and collaborate to construct an original play incorporating themes of love, second chances, family, and self-worth.


The session culminates in a one-of-a-kind performance you’ll be sure to remember!

Hamilton Broadway Basics Fall Session $185

  • Tuesdays 3-4pm

    • Start Date: January 10, 2023​

    • End Date: March 14, 2023


For Kindergarten-4th Graders

iCook is a fun hands-on after-school cooking program for children at elementary and middle schools.  We are teaching kids how to make and love healthy dishes one school at a time.


We teach culinary skills, recipe reading, nutritional value, and we cultivate an environment where diversity is celebrated through cultural food awareness.

Hamilton iCook $225

  • Wednesdays 3-4pm

    • Start Date: January 18, 2023​

    • End Date: March 22, 2023

    • No Session: February 20, 2023

  • Registration Deadline January 16, 2023​

LVL Basketball

For K-5th Graders

LVL Basketball is providing after-school, enrichment basketball as part of the extra-curricular offerings for the students and parent community of Hamilton Elementary School. The objective of this program is to provide young players (grades K through 5th) a positive basketball experience through fun and engaging instruction, while increasing knowledge of the sport.


Players (boys & girls) will experience positive coaching and develop their basketball skills through game-based coaching. From ball handling and footwork to shooting and scoring, players will receive well-rounded instruction which will set them up for success in future basketball programming. 

Hamilton After-School Basketball Clubs

  • Wednesdays 3-4pm: 3rd through 5th Grade $260

    • Start Date: January 11, 2023

    • End Date: March 22, 2023

  • Thursdays 3-4pm: Kindergarten through 2nd Grade $280

    • Start Date: January 12, 2023​

    • End Date: March 30, 2023

Young Rembrandts

For Kindergarten-5th Graders

Young Rembrandts is an art enrichment program for children ages 3.5 to 12. We teach children how to draw using a process-based methodology centered on developing academic, conceptual, and critical thinking skills.

Ring in the New Year with a Young Rembrandts class for your elementary student. Our budding artists will have the opportunity to flex their creative muscle as they take on fun, artistic challenges like our Jack Russell Terrier lesson and Martin Luther King Jr portrait in the month of January.


The month of February brings a lot of fun and culture into the classroom as our students’ imaginations are whisked away to a masquerade or into the mind of master artist Romero Britto.


And in the month of March, get ready for some dinosaur-sized excitement as your elementary student recreates the ferocious T-Rex Young Rembrandts style!


All lessons are original - developed by a team of artists and educators. Our prescreened and highly trained instructors celebrate the positive in every child; reinforcing and educating good character, improved self-esteem and self-ability.

Hamilton Young Rembrandts Winter Session $169

  • Wednesdays 2:50-3:50pm

    • Start Date: January 18, 2023​

    • End Date: March 22, 2023

Amigos Spanish Club

For Kindergarten-4th Graders

Arte y Cultura- Learning Spanish is as easy as uno, dos, tres! In Amigos, children will dive deep into the traditions and get a taste of the culture of Spanish speaking nations across the globe as well as learn basic vocabulary words such as numbers, colors, shapes, greetings, days of the week and more. Sing, clap, and count your way towards learning the Spanish language.

Hamilton Spanish Class $164.25 (early bird before 1/15)

Course Code: HAT1.23.23 

  • Mondays 3-4pm

    • Start Date: January 23, 2023

    • End Date: March 27, 2023

    • No Session: February 20, 2023

Chess Scholars

For Kindergarten-8th Graders

Develop your child's intellect through the royal game of chess! Current research has shown a strong link between chess and academic performance in a variety of areas, including mathematics and language arts. Chess has been proven to enhance children's motivation, concentration, focus, social skills, and creativity.


Each class will consist of a fun, interactive teaching period and guided practice time. Both beginner and experienced players are welcome and will learn under the guidance of an experienced Chess Scholars coach.

Hamilton Chess Scholars $155.25 (early bird before 9/23)

Course Code: HAT1.20.23

  • Fridays 3-4pm

    • Start Date: January 20, 2023

    • End Date: March 31, 2023

    • No Session: February 3, 2023 and March 17, 2023

Knuckleball Improv

For 1st-5th Graders

Sign your kids up for a session of laughter and fun in this after school Improv + Performance class with Knuckleball Comedy. We create an environment full of support  to foster creativity and build active listeners. ​​

In this program, 1st-5th graders will engage in theatre games and mind exercises that focus on the basics of improv methodology, storytelling, and sketch comedy.


Working with a professional improv and performance educator, students journey through activities that prompt them to solve creative problems, invent new stories, build ideas, strengthen communication, and forge friendships.

Hamilton Knuckleball Improv $170

  • Fridays 3-4pm

    • Start Date: January 13, 2023

    • End Date: March 17, 2023

Not what you were looking for?

Hamilton partners with BASH KIDS CLUB and the YMCA for after school care.

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