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LVL Basketball


$300 - $325




Wednesdays and Thursdays

About the Program

Young players (grades K through 5th) are given a positive basketball experience through fun and engaging instruction, while increasing knowledge of the sport.


Kindergarten through 2nd Grade | Thursdays | 3:00 – 4:00 PM REGISTER HERE

  • Start Date = Thursday, Sept. 14th

  • End Date = Thursday, Dec. 12th

  • Off Dates

    • Oct. 26th

    • Nov. 23rd

    • Dec. 14th

  • Total Number of Sessions = 12


3rd through 5th Grade | Wednesdays | 3:00 – 4:00 PM REGISTER HERE

  • Start Date = Wednesday, September 13th

  • End Date = Wednesday, December 20th

  • Off Dates

    • Nov. 22nd

    • Dec. 13th

  • Total Number of Sessions = 13

More Info

LVL Basketball is providing after-school, enrichment basketball instruction as part of the extra-curricular offerings for the students and parent community of Hamilton Elementary School.


Players (boys & girls) will experience positive coaching and develop their basketball skills through game-based coaching. From ball handling and footwork to shooting and scoring, players will receive well-rounded instruction which will set them up for success in future basketball programming. 

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