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Rock Band with Music House


$180/mo + Registration and Rental Fees




Tuesdays and Thursdays

About the Program

We are excited to have Rock Band Classes this school year for Hamilton families ready to rock on Tuesday and Thursday, until 4 pm.


Where: Hamilton Elementary

When: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Time: 3:00-4:00pm

Dates: 9/12 - 06/06

Grades: 3-8 

Price: $180/month + Processing and Rental Fees

Registration Deadline: September 4th

More Info

Your child can expect to be part of their first band with their choice of keyboard, guitar, bass, or drums. Vocalists that join the band will be asked to learn an instrument, too!

Our teachers ensure that all students are able to play as a band from the very beginning with activities that focus on feeling and hearing the beat, showmanship and stage presence, listening to a recording and identifying their own part, playing basic chord progressions and riffs, and even naming their own band! By the end of the first year in a rock band, you can expect your child will own the stage and have at least 6 rock songs in their repertoire!

  • Beginning Rock Bands will typically learn songs like Blitzkrieg Bop (The Ramones), Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benetar), Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes), and more based on student’s interest!  Students will typically learn 1-2 note chords, keep basic drum beats.  

  • Intermediate Rock Bands will typically learn songs like Where Is My Mind (The Pixies), Zombie (The Cranberries), and other songs by artists that students enjoy listening to! Students will begin to learn how to solo with pentatonic scales, drum fills, learn triads and slightly more advanced chord shapes.  

  • Advanced Rock Bands will typically play songs by Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and other songs that show off more advanced guitar and drum techniques!  Students are able to pick songs based on their interest, but we also like to challenge students to shred on their instrument! 

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