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મારું નામ:

Devon Pucciarello

મારા વિદ્યાર્થીઓ મને કૉલ કરે છે:

Mrs. P, Mrs. Pucciarello, Benevolent Overlord

હેમિલ્ટન વિશે મારી પ્રિય વસ્તુ છે:

The emphasis and importance of the visual and performing arts

હેલો કહો

મને યાદ છે જ્યારે હું વિદ્યાર્થી હતો...

My art teachers were the people who made me feel the most confident—even if they didn’t know that. I can remember nearly every project and that they said to me because I held onto every word. My middle school art teacher, Mr. Kupcha, was the person who encouraged me to be an art teacher and saw the passion in me that I thought had been lost. He was at that school for 44 years. We are dear friends to this day :]

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Teacher- I Remember When-Faded White-01.png
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