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8A Hygiene Drive - Update

This is an update from the 8A hygiene drive. Last week on 12/5 the Illinois community for displaced migrants visited us and took our donations to give to migrants in need. They also spoke to us about their work helping migrants here in Chicago. They work with shelters and police stations that have migrants staying here in Chicago. The representatives from Illinois for Displaced migrants said that they really appreciated our class donations that we have provided. They also educated us on what items the migrants really need such as: wipes, wash clothes, lotion, and other travel size items that they can provide. This is a photo of our class that has been organizing this drive. We have worked hard and are continuing to gather donations for the hygiene kits.

We have asked all grades and staff for donations, including everyone from Preschool to Middle School. We have offered them a principal-approved incentive. We recently realized our younger students didn’t understand what a hygiene kit is, so some of our class went to our younger grades to explain our project. Now we are calling all parents and community members, we need your help! We would love for you to help our donation drives! We are accepting donations at school, students can put them in their grade level donation box, or by the security desk on the first floor. You can also support our donation drive at local places we have partnered with like Cafe Tola, and Alice & Wunder! 

Thank you for your support, from the Eighth Grade classes of Hamilton

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