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Building Community Connections

The OLS Committee has been working to build the first installations for the new Outdoor Learning Space, and it started by building new connections within the Chicago community.

The first items that will be created and added to the space will be our beautiful pollinator boxes, but there were still some unanswered questions:

- Where should we source the materials?

- Where is enough space (and tools) to build 8 to 10 pollinator boxes?

- Who knows how to build these so they will last?

That is where the Rebuilding Exchange comes into the picture. They have agreed to partner with us to help provide the materials at a cost-effective price, they have the space to host members of the Hamilton Community to build them, AND they will not only build a prototype for us, but they will also guide us safely through the project in their workshop!

These pollinator boxes will be built and installed in 2023 and we would love you to help us! Not only will these provide a cozy home for pollinators in our Hamilton garden, but each family who helps by "adopting" one of the boxes will be able to learn how to build one and customize it before being installed permanently. Stay tuned for more information in January 2023!

We thank Rebuilding Exchange for embracing the OLS Committee's enthusiasm for our vision and eagerly offering to help us in our endeavors. Their mission of "Work. Learn. Shop. Reuse." provides an environmentally sound approach to construction, and deconstruction, in our community, and they also offer some really fun community workshops for individuals and groups!

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