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Hamilton's Teacher Professional Development: A Day of Growth and Connection

Starting the Day with Wellbeing

We kicked off our Professional Development Day with an energizing gathering outside. A focus on connectedness and well-being set the tone as we engaged in physical exercises and mindful activities. The morning was an intentional space for us to tune into joy and mindfulness before diving into the day’s agenda.

The Learning Path Ahead

After our outdoor start of the day, teachers transitioned to exploring their learning path for the upcoming year.

K-5: A New Literacy Curriculum

Our K-5 teachers spent valuable time getting to grips with our new literacy curriculum, Wit and Wisdom. The day was a prime example of what we like to call "productive struggle." Teachers courageously embraced new ways of thinking and teaching in alignment with current research. I extend my deepest appreciation to them for being open to such growth.

Middle School: Evidence Based Teaching

Meanwhile, our middle school teachers focused on developing something called "proficiency scales," which are like learning roadmaps. These scales help teachers pinpoint exactly what skills your child is mastering. Having recently participated in off-campus professional learning, they utilized this opportunity to share their insights. This collective effort paves the way for us to implement fair and beneficial practices across Hamilton.

Essentials Team: Spring Musical Planning

Planning the musical was in full swing on Friday! Collaborating with our arts partner, STAGES, they began preparations for our much-anticipated spring musical. This collaboration embodies Hamilton’s core values—collaborate, create, and innovate.

The Ripple Effect

Every moment invested in professional development has a direct impact on our students. Each new strategy learned, each connection made, and each challenge overcome leads us to continuous improvement.

In the end, it's not just about being better teachers, but about creating an enriching environment for our entire Hamilton community.

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