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Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Taking Care of Each Other: It's What We Do!

Our school's motto, "work hard, play fair, take care of each other", truly came to life this past Friday, showcasing the amazing sense of community we've built here. This Friday was all about the 'take care of each other' part.

Our wonderful teachers gathered to kick-start the new school year in the most heartwarming way. With laughter and shared tales, we fortified bonds that will surely reflect in our day-to-day classroom dynamics, creating an even stronger supportive environment for our students.

While the teachers were having their fun, our fantastic parents had a get-together of their own. The first happy hour of the year was buzzing with positivity as parents formed new friendships and strengthened existing ones, making our school community even more tight-knit.

Meanwhile, our eighth graders stepped up in a big way, taking great care of their younger schoolmates while their parents enjoyed some downtime. Their babysitting initiative was not only a sweet gesture of camaraderie but also a successful fundraiser for their much-anticipated trip to Washington DC, bringing in a whopping $1,400, the highest ever!

As we step into this new academic year, let's carry forward this spirit of looking out for each other, fostering a place where everyone feels welcome and cherished.

Thanks for being the heartbeat of our school community!

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