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How We Innovate

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Our Students:

Innovation doesn’t mean technology alone. During the course of the school day our students are encouraged to not only use technology but to also take time for inquiry and prioritize critical thinking when consuming new material or pursuing mastery of a subject matter.

Multi Media Arts education is incorporated into everyday classroom activities. We believe typing skills can be taught to kindergarteners while they’re also mastering sight words. We challenge intermediate students to learn coding skills to present classroom work at the end of the term. Our middle school students use design skills to create graphics and design layouts for the school-wide performances.

Our Teachers:

Unafraid of the new, teachers at Hamilton find innovative ways to present subject matter and challenge students with a multi-faceted approach to learning. Whether it is using LEGO to create marble runs to teach the principals of gravity and momentum or creating a tournament bracket to select the summer reading title our teachers employ hands-on activities which bring the subject to life.

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