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Join Us On This Journey!

Our journey began in the fall of 2021 with a few parents and teachers hanging around Hamilton watching the students soak up that last bit of afternoon sunshine. We all shared a common love for the innovation and acceptance Hamilton offered our children.

Eventually, our conversations turned to ways in which we could not only support those values but how we could expand them. After countless meetings, coffees, chats, and smaller projects (like replacing the broken boards on the fence in the alley on the weekends) we have arrived at the true beginnings of innovation.

We are so proud to have worked alongside Could Be Architecture (an aptly named practice, in our experience) to conceptualize our new Outdoor Learning Space (official name TBD). Over the coming weeks, we will be determining which phase of the project to begin first, our schedule for breaking ground, and identifying volunteer opportunities to help bring it all together. We look forward to meeting many more of you throughout this process!

If you haven't already seen our design banners on Cornelia, you can see them below!

Interested in lending a hand, being on the committee, or just keeping in contact? Send an email to

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