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Meet our School Crossing Guard

Among the reasons Hamilton is a special school is because it's a neighborhood school. If the street you must cross just to go to school is too dangerous, what do you do? The intersection of Ashland and Cornelia is used by many Hamilton families every day. In the past, families have strategized how to safely cross the dangerously busy street, walking blocks from their homes to an intersection that is safer.

As a result of extensive work, the CPS Department of Safety and Security assigned Ms. LaTangela Jones to the Ashland/Cornelia intersection. We rely on Ms. Jones to help our students and other pedestrians cross the street safely. In spite of Ms. Jones' efforts, cars continued to speed through the busy intersection. In light of the dangers, she witnessed while working, Jones contacted CPD for assistance. In response to Ms. Jones's feedback, Officer Carter is working with us all to determine what can be done to make changes at the intersection. We'll keep you updated on the safety improvements at this intersection!

Principal Blathras, Officer Carter, and Crossing Guard Jones are working together to ensure that students arrive at school safely.

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