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[ES·SEN·TIAL] Adjective

So important as to be indispensable

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ESSENTIAL, The Campaign for the Future of The Arts and Athletics at Hamilton, is a vital endeavor to fund the infrastructure improvements to our Gymnatorium space which will serve as the foundation for enriching the education of current and future students.

Why This Matters

This campaign sets the stage for the future potential of Hamilton Elementary and the students and families we serve. Yes, Air Conditioning will make the Gymnatorium more comfortable on a day-to-day basis, but this will also allow us to invest in climate controlled storage for musical instruments, tech-crew equipment, and consumable visual art supplies.

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Our Goal: $300k By 1O/1

As of July 1st we are 1/3 of the way to our fundraising goal. This first $100k is from Hamilton's parent community and CUBS Charities. The next $150k will be funded through exclusive sponsorship opportunities and large corporate gifts. The final $50k will be fundraised at Walkathon 2024.

Stake Your Claim


To fund the future of Arts and Athletics at Hamilton we are asking our partners to demonstrate their commitment through various naming and sponsorship opportunities. From naming the scoreboard to seat-back logos there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

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Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities

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In this phase we will undertake the largest capital investment in school history. We will award a contract to a CPS Approved Vendor to install Air Conditioning in the Gymnatorium. This project will also include updated electrical wiring and OTHER STUFF.

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During the second phase of our campaign, our Arts Department staff will lead the improvement efforts for the stage area of the Gymnatorium. These improvements include but are not limited to new lighting equipment, a new curtain, and the installation of climate controlled storage.

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In the final phase of our campaign, our Arts Department will expand curriculum and use remaining resources to engage students in innovative and meaningful ways. Our Physical Education team will lead the development of a comprehensive athletics and wellness program for all Hamilton Elementary students. 

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