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મારું નામ:

Erin Strawbridge

મારા વિદ્યાર્થીઓ મને કૉલ કરે છે:

Mrs. Strawbridge, Mrs. S.

હેમિલ્ટન વિશે મારી પ્રિય વસ્તુ છે:

I love the feeling of community, that parents and teachers really work well together towards the goal of the best learning environment possible for the kids.

હેલો કહો

મને યાદ છે જ્યારે હું વિદ્યાર્થી હતો...

We watched "film strips" and the overhead projector was our mesmerizing high-tech equipment. Our teachers had to HAND WRITE our report cards and comments, there was no email, and we had ONE computer to share between all 3 classes at a grade level! I actually remember when I was in third grade there was this "initiative" to sort of "introduce" the internet to people so we did this program where we sent messages to a school in Alaska. We used Prodigy (that's how long ago this was) and the program was called "Hello!" ... I don't even think the term "email" had been invented yet. It seemed SO futuristic to me. And yes, we played Oregon Trail on these computers too.

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