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Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Anchored by Amundsen High School, Lake View High School and their 17 feeder elementary schools, GROWCommunity, is a community-driven nonprofit organization working to develop a seamless K-12 system of public neighborhood schools that are the top educational choices for families in our community.

Hamilton is one of the 17 GROW elementary schools. Part of GROW’s work is to connect and collaborate with the GROW elementary school communities to help spread the word about the great things happening at the GROW high schools, Lake View and Amundsen, and provide opportunities to get to know these schools better.

Watch this space for Lake View, Amundsen and GROW info of interest to Hamilton families…

Amundsen and Lake View High School Enrollment Policy for GROW 8th Graders Eighth grade students from any of the GROW elementary schools who apply to Lake View or Amundsen through GoCPS have a guaranteed path to admission, regardless of where they live.

**However, admittance through the GROWCommunity Enrollment Policy is NOT THE SAME as admittance to your designated neighborhood high school. It is important that you fully understand the GROW Enrollment Policy before applying. Please read the key policy guidelines below and be sure to review the complete policy and FAQ before applying.**

GROWCommunity-Hosted Activities The GROWCommunity Blog is a great way to get to know Lake View and Amundsen and keep up with GROW

GROWCommunity High School Activities Lake View LVHS Student Shadowing Info LVHS School Tours: Second Tuesday and fourth Friday of every month, 9-10am

Amundsen AHS Student Shadowing Info AHS School Tours: Complete dates here

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