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Our Mission

Our mission is to open a world of possibilities to all our students by providing the highest quality education through innovative, creative, and inclusive practices.

Our Vision

Hamilton Elementary cultivates learners who contribute positively to an ever-changing world.

Our Story

Where we Create, Collaborate and Innovate.

Our mission is to be the premier Fine and Performing Arts Neighborhood Magnet School in West Lakeview neighborhood and the surrounding communities. 


To fulfill this mission, we continuously strive to offer a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum designed to provide challenging and supportive opportunities for all students from preschool through eighth grade.


We will integrate fine and performing arts into our curriculum and culture resulting in student outcomes that are grounded in a strong foundation for success. Students will graduate from Hamilton with tools and experiences that build confidence, perseverance, creativity, self-expression, collaboration, and cultural awareness. 

Our teachers and staff at Hamilton are dedicated to providing a nurturing, safe, and supportive learning environment where students can excel academically and personally.​ We provide small student-to-staff ratios and inclusion classrooms to ensure we are individualizing learning while building community between students and teachers.


Hamilton is known throughout our community for working hard, playing fair, and taking care of each other; and we will continue this legacy for years to come.

Our Pillars

At Hamilton we utilize our pillars as guideposts for putting our mission into action.


Creativity works hand in hand with collaboration and innovation.


Hamilton lives and breaths creativity through our arts programming, our student performances and in every classroom where students are encouraged to find creative solutions to everyday challenges.



With project based and cross-grade level programming Hamilton students learn to work in small groups while they master subject matter by becoming the teachers themselves.


This collaboration creates a dynamic environment which engages and encourages students to be active participants in their learning.



Innovation stands at the core of Hamilton’s 21st century approach to learning.


We utilize all tools available to support student inquiry and prioritize critical thinking when consuming new material or pursuing mastery of a subject matter.

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Our Motto

Work Hard, Play Fair, Take Care of Each Other


Stay in the Know

Weekly classroom updates, volunteer opportunities, safety announcements, performance dates and more!


Our Teachers & Staff

Our teachers and staff make everything in our classrooms happen...

Learn more about them here.

PreK-Light Blue-01.png

Early Childhood Education through CPS PreK For All

Middle School-Light Blue-01.png

Sixth, Seventh and

Eighth Grades

Support Staff-01.png

Social Worker, Teaching Advisors and Consultants

Primary-Light Blue-01.png

Kindergarten, First and Second Grades

ESSENTIALS-light blue-01.png

Art, Dance, Music, Library

and Physical Education

Operations Staff-Light Blue-01.png

School Clerk and

Security Staff

Intermediate-Light Blue-01.png

Third, Fourth and

Fifth Grades

Admin-Light Blue-01.png

Principal and

Assistant Principal

Building Staff-01.png

Custodial, Engineering & Maintenance Staff

  • How much homework are students assigned?
    There is no homework through fourth grade. We believe after-school hours for this age group are best spent on play time, down time and family time. Starting in 5th grade students are given assignments and our teachers work together to ensure the workload is balanced throughout the week.
  • Do students get daily movement breaks?
    Yes. Students in preschool through 5th grade enjoy 30 minutes of recess a day. These students also participate in Physical Education and Dance class during the week. Our Middle School students choose their electives every quarter and P.E. or Dance is a required selection each quarter. Additionally our teachers understand the importance of movement to stimulate the mind and improve concentration long term and thus movement breaks are incorporated into the daily routine.
  • What essential classes do students participate in?
    All students PreK through 5th have physical education, dance, visual arts, and music instruction weekly. In middle school students choose their electives each quarter. Additionally elementary and intermediate students visit our in-school library each week.
  • Where do Hamilton kids go to high school?
    We are proud to report the high achievement of our 2024 graduating class. Below you will find more information on the 8th grade high school application results. Remarkable Success Rate: 98% of 8th-grade students received an offer to their first-choice high school program. Selective Enrollment High Schools: 53% or students who applied to selective enrollment high schools received an offer. Top Choice High Schools: The most popular high schools among our students’ choice were Amundsen, Lane Tech, and Lincoln Park High School. These high schools are known for their strong academic, IB, and Fine & Performing Arts programs making them strong choices for our students. Top 5 High Schools in Illinois: 53% of our students who applied were offered a spot in one of the Top 5 high schools in Illinois, as ranked by the US News & World Report. This achievement speaks volumes about the caliber of our students. Specialized Program Offers: International Baccalaureate (IB) / Advanced College Prep: Nine of our students received offers to either an IB or Advanced College Prep (Double Honors) Program. Fine and Performing Arts Programs: Six students were offered places in Fine and Performing Arts Programs, reflecting the artistic talents nurtured at our school. STEM Programs: Two students received offers to STEM programs, underscoring our commitment to fostering excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  • Does Hamilton have after school programming?
    Yes, we partner with the Lakeview YMCA and BASH XYZ for child care and offer extra-curricular classes with our vendor partners. Learn more here
  • How do I enroll a student?
    As a magnet cluster school Hamilton accepts students from the neighborhood boundary first and will open all remaining seats to GoCPS applicants. Visit our Enrollment page for more details and current timelines.
  • Does Hamilton offer acceleration programs?
    Yes. At Hamilton we are proud to meet students where they are. This includes our commitment to inclusion classrooms for all learners. CPS has created criteria for acceleration and you can find more information about the process here. If you believe your child qualifies for acceleration and would like to have a discussion about it, please contact Principal, Kristin Blathras
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