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Hamilton IDEA

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Hamilton IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-Racism) brings the Hamilton community together to support one another in raising kids who think critically about the wider world and issues of social justice. We plan and implement parent/caregiver enrichment, kid and family activities, and resource-sharing to collectively achieve our mission.

Come see what IDEA is all about! Join our email list by completing this form. You’ll receive invitations to meetings and events, plus resources that support family awareness of racial justice, equity, and human rights.

We are planning for the 2022/23 school year, and we always welcome new voices and contributions! If you are interested in shaping this parent community, please reach out to us at

Family outings, parent meetings and workshops, book groups, art installations…what will next year bring? Let’s build together.

IDEA Resources

Explore this awesome Diverse Summer Reading List for curious kids of all ages.

Discover Chicago's neighborhoods on foot with this sweet collection of city audio tours called "walkie talkies" produced by Chicago Children's Theater.

“The worst conversation adults can have with kids about race is no conversation at all,” says author Jemar Tisby. This short animated video from The Atlantic explains why.

Click here for brief essays by Native authors on their perspectives on Columbus Day and Thanksgiving.

The American Indian Center, based in Chicago, is a leading American Indian cultural and community resource. Explore their site for events and resources.

The Code Switch: School Daze podcast episode explores the complexities of talking about race in a school setting and the importance of establishing norms to help guide fruitful conversations. Listen to it here.

For one parent’s honest approach to a child’s questions about race, view “Is My Skin Brown Because I Drank Chocolate Milk?”, a Tedx talk by author and psychologist Beverly Daniel Tatum.

Last updated July 2022


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