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Making Space for Growth

On Sunday, September 25th the Hamilton community came together, got their hands dirty, and cleared the way for more progress toward our Outdoor Learning Space.

The primary goal was to remove the old retaining wall running along the front of the building which was accomplished in record time thanks to our volunteers! The group also tended to the vegetable garden, removed dead plants and limbs, transplanted 7 boxwoods, and cleared up litter from the area. We were even able to work on repairing the garden retaining wall that had fallen on the corner of Cornelia and Paulina!

The middle schoolers who showed up really showed out and definitely earned those service hours. We couldn't have done as much if it weren't for their willing-to-work attitudes.

It was truly impressive how much was accomplished by working together, so thank you to all for contributing to such a successful afternoon.

Interested in lending a hand, being on the committee, or just keeping in contact? Send an email to

Want to see all of the areas at Hamilton that could use your help? Check out the Signup today!

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