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Hamilton's Teacher Lounge

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

The inspiration for the teacher lounge came from knowing that teacher collaboration not only helps improve instructional practices, but also positively impacts overall school improvement. Collaboration happens not only in structured meetings, but also in casual settings. In addition to providing space for collaboration, teachers deserve a professional setting to eat, take a break, and socialize with colleagues.

When the Cubs gave their generous donation at the Patriots' Ball, I knew that if we could use the funds for this teacher lounge, the donation would be well spent for years and years to come.

So, thank you to the Cubs for their financial support that made this dream become a reality. Thank you to local Interior Designer, Daniela Summerfield, for her dedication and commitment to ensuring our teacher lounge was decked out with every detail imaginable! Thank you to Kevin Sheridan for donating the top notch furniture, thank you to Roscoe village artist/muralist Heather Gentile for her beautiful artwork, thank you to Techkne Construction for donating the countertops and thank you to Alberto Arjon from The Stone Shop Granite and Marble for the countertop installation.

Friday, October 21, Teachers enjoyed the official opening of the Hamilton Teacher Lounge! Thank you to our PK-K parents for initiating the "Stock the Fridge" for Hamilton teachers and staff!

Designing the lounge

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Martie Evans
Martie Evans
Oct 24, 2022

This is GREAT! I’m so happy the teachers have a place like this. It seems weird that they didn’t already have one! Amazing idea and I’m thankful for all the generous contributions.

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