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Walkathon 2022: Grant Update

At Hamilton Fine and Performing Arts School, our mission is to open a world of possibilities to all our students. We strive to provide our students with an arts integrated, comprehensive, and inclusive curriculum providing challenging and supportive opportunities to help each learner grow.

The Hamilton Action Team believes that to truly be inclusive, we need to engage our larger Chicago Public School family. We acknowledge that Hamilton has financial resources that are not accessible to other school communities. To that end, we have expanded the scope of our 2022 Walkathon: to continue our support of Hamilton’s Fine and Performing Arts classes, and to invest in another Chicago Public School's Fine and Performing Arts program.

Partnering with the Chicago Public School’s Children First Fund, the Hamilton Action Team on behalf of the Hamilton Community, has donated $3,800 (10% of the 2022 Walkathon profit) to Frederic Chopin Elementary School. Frederic Chopin is a Fine Arts School in the Humboldt Park neighborhood. They will use these funds to support their music and visual arts programing.

This is the start of an exciting time at Hamilton. Thank you for supporting the Walkathon and in turn, both the Hamilton and Chopin communities. Through the reciprocal sharing of musical and art experiences, resources, volunteer and mentor opportunities, Hamilton and Chopin hope to continue providing strong arts programing for our students. We look forward to learning from each other’s best educational practices and school community successes. We are thrilled our relationship will model for our students the importance of social engagement and partnerships as we work together for a more equitable Fine Arts experience for all.

To learn more about the Frederic Chopin Elementary School, please visit their website:

To learn more about the Children First Fund, please visit their website:


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