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What is the Outdoor Learning Spaces Committee?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

The Outdoor Learning Spaces Committee or OLS, (formerly known as the Garden Committee) is focused on improving and elevating the outdoor spaces at Hamilton.

We are committed to helping create a sustainable, usable, and beautiful outdoor learning space for our children at Hamilton and the community at large. We hope to make choices in the creation of these spaces that inspire our children to care for our natural world and be thoughtful about their place in it.

We are determined to create spaces that are accessible to all.

Volunteering opportunities/ways you can get involved:

  • We address safety concerns, like broken fences, etc. by coming out and repairing them ourselves.

  • We host clean-up and gardening days.

  • We assist teachers and classrooms in planting with students.

  • We maintain the vegetable garden.

If you would like to volunteer or be notified about our meetings please email

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