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It's Walkathon Time!

Welcome back to the 15th Annual Hamilton Walkathon! We kicked off this much-anticipated event with a buzz of excitement on Friday. This tradition does more than mark the beginning of the Walkathon; it serves as a fresh start each year, reigniting our collective passion and goals for the Hamilton family.

A special thank you to the Hamilton Action Team (HAT) for their relentless efforts in making this event successful and incredibly fun for our students!

This year, we're setting our sights on raising $60,000. These funds are instrumental in kickstarting the potential multi-year Hamilton Air Conditioning Capital Campaign. We aim to significantly enhance the comfort and overall experience for our athletes, performers, guests, fans, and audiences who use our gymnasium/auditorium extensively, ensuring a more enjoyable environment!

At Hamilton Elementary, we recognize the emphasis on uplifting our community through fundraising initiatives. In addition to our fundraising efforts, it is important to actively integrate our school's vision: "Hamilton Elementary cultivates learners who contribute positively to an ever-changing world." This vision guides us in nurturing our immediate community and supporting our sister school, Chopin. Through this partnership, we foster the arts and cultivate collaborative relationships, enabling our students to be part of a vibrant, interconnected network that offers enriching experiences and shared values. It's a testament to our commitment to nurturing globally minded and compassionate citizens.

I want to invite all our parents and community members to join us on the walk! By walking together, this becomes more than a fundraiser, it is a chance to create lasting memories and relationships that enrich our community. Let's use this opportunity to show our kids the power of coming together with a shared goal!

See you on October 6th!

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