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How We Create

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Our Students:

Under the guidance of instructors our students produce each performance and by middle school our performances are student lead. Student are creating the sets, designing the programs, running the sound and light board as well as performing on stage.

Elementary students are supported by their intermediate and middle grade level peers and grow to support the students who come behind them. This full-circle of encouragement creates inter-grade level friendships and teaches young individuals about the value of mentorship and collaboration and to be open to learning something from everyone.

Our after-school and extra-curricular partner programs incorporate creative endeavors through dance, performance, technology and culinary experiences allowing students to explore interests, develop passions and continue their personal growth.

Hamilton is proud to facilitate European experiences for 6-8th grade students. We have a flamenco dance group touring Spain, a shakespearean experience for creative writers and are excited to develop more. Students participate in fundraising for their trip as well as contributing to the excellence of their group as a whole.

Our Teachers:

We believe our teachers are some of the most talented individuals in their fields. We value their past experience and encourage them to challenge themselves and continue learning.

Our teachers use fine and performing arts principals to create learning opportunities where students engage in multiple ways.

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